Drain Unblocking and Repairs

Utility Moling Solutions technicians have the experience and training to use several different techniques when it comes to repairing your damaged drain in your home or business. Once a blockage has been located and cleared within your drains or gully, your drainage engineer will provide a complimentary CCTV Drain Inspection to find the cause of the blockage.

Collapsed sewer lines are commonly the end result of several types of untreated sewer line problems. Tree root incursion, offset pipe joints, and aging clay pipes - if left untreated - lead to the loss of structural integrity of the sewer pipe which eventually leads to the soil above collapsing into the line and completely blocking the flow of waste water. Once a pipe has collapsed, either repair or replacement is typically needed to restore flow.

We’ll do everything we can to solve your drainage problem, blocked drain or sewer without the need for disruptive drain Excavation.

 But when we need to dig down to sort out your drainage problem, we’ll get the job done swiftly, safely and with the utmost care. At Utility Moling Solutions, we pride ourselves on our commitment to the highest industry standards of Health and Safety, so you can be sure that your staff, clients and premises are in good hands.