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Moling in Bexley

Drain Response provides the very best service when you require moling in Bexley. Moling is the trenchless method of laying replacement pipes, and it could save you both time and money. Our trained team of specialists have years of experience when it comes to moling in Bexley, and their efficient service always ensures that the job is completed to the highest possible standards. Give us a call on 0203 375 3920 when you need pipe replacement in Bexley.

If your pipes are old then it may be time for a replacement. Until the 1960s, service pipes were typically made of lead or iron. Over the years, traces of lead and rust could end up making their way into water systems. Older pipes also have smaller diameters, which leads to poorer water flow, lower pressure and a higher level of leakage. With moling in Bexley you could have your pipes replaced much more easily, leaving you with clean, healthy water for years to come.

Pipe Replacement

Moling is performed with a pneumatic earth displacing machine – the mole – that digs underground. This machine rids the need to dig a big trench when you need pipe replacement. The mole hole can even be used to lay heating coils for heat pump systems, gas pipes, conduits for electrical wires and more. If your pipes need replacing then Drain Response has the solutions you need, with expert moling in Bexley that gets the job done.

You can give Drain Response a call on 0203 375 3920 to find out all about moling and whether this is the right method for you. We have the friendly and professional technicians who will be able to give you all the details you need regarding moling and whether you can have your pipes replaced this way. For the very best moling service in Bexley you need look no further than Drain Response.

Why Choose Drain Response For Pipe Replacement?

We’re the local company you can trust, catering to Bexley and the surrounding areas. If you need a reliable service in a hurry then Drain Response is here to help. As well as moling we also provide services in plumbing, drainage, damp proofing and more, so whatever you need, you can call on us. We also offer an emergency 24 hour response, so whatever time of day you have trouble, Drain Response can provide the help when you need it most.

If you have any questions about Drain Response or the services that we provide then please don’t hesitate to get in touch today. We’ll give you the expert advice and guidance you need.