Lead Replacement

Water Main Replacement

If your water main is old or corroded, it may be a better option to replace the supply pipes completely, rather than to repair the leak to eliminate the chance of further leaks. A member of our team can come to you free of charge to carry out a small site survey and to give you a fixed price quotation or you can see our prices below. 

There are a variaty of methods available to you when installing underground pipework. Once we have assed your specific needs we will go through in detail which is the best method for you.


This will depend on the length of pipe work that needs to be installed. The best way to determine this is to:

A: Measure from the boundary of your garden closest to yor water meter or stop valve in the pavement.

B: To the stop valve inside your property, this will give you a very good indication of the length of pipe you require to be replaced in meters.

We charge a minimum of 10 meters for any mains replacement and £42 per meter thereafter:

xxxxUp to 10 linear meters: £600xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Up to 18 linear meters: £936

xxxxUp to 11 linear meters:  £642xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxUp to 19 linear meters:  £978

xxxxUp to 12 linear meters:  £684xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxUp to 20 linear meters:  £1020

xxxxUp to 13 linear meters:  £726xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxUp to 21 linear meters:  £1062

xxxxUp to 14 linear meters:  £768  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxUp to 22 linear meters: £1104

xxxxUp to 15 linear meters:  £810xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxUp to 23 linear meters  £1146

xxxxUp to 16 linear meters:  £852xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxUp to 24 linear meters:  £1188

xxxxUp to 17 linear meters:  £894xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxUp to 25 linear meters:  £1230


If you require a quote for a distance of more than 25 meters please contact a member of staff who will be able to provide you with a quote.

Please contact us if you wish to get a quote to repair pipe only.

Utility Moling Solutions carries out water pipe repair and replacements without the need to excavate.

Using new methods such moling we can install pipe work without the need to disturb the existing surface, our work is fully guaranteed and with every installation a cretificate of approved installation is issued.

How Much Pipe Work Do I Need To Replace?

From the boundary of your garden closest to your water meter or stop cock on the pavement, measure to the internal stop cock or desired area you wish the water to enter the property. This will give you good indication of how much pipework you will need in meters.

By using specialist trench less technologies such as Moling, we aim to deliver a quick, clean and hassle free solution in returning your home to a leak free and water tight condition.

The immediate benefits of installing a new MDPE main to your home are clear to see! 
  • Cleaner Lead Free Drinking Water

  • Increased Water Pressure

  • Increased Flow Rate

  • Reduced Waste


What problems can lead water mains cause?

Lead if consumed through the drinking water can cause a range of health hazards in infant children and adults. Due to the erosion of the metal as a result of a chemical reaction between water and the pipe walls, lead can get mixed with the water stream and can cause both mental and physical issues , in children. In adults, drinking water containing lead over a long period of time can cause high blood pressure, and also kidney problems. The amount of lead present in the water depends on the amount and the types of the minerals in the water and how long the water is in the pipeline and other factors.

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